About Me

About Me

I was first introduced to Reiki in 2014. I had lost my way in life due to very difficult personal circumstance that did take me very much by surprise. All of my  emotions were very strong and raw around this time and I lost my way in life. My children had left home and the life I was about to step into came to a sudden stop. At the same time, work and personal life stresses were also playing with my well-being. Luckily I started talking to a lady who told me about Reiki and advised me that I should give it ago as very thing else I was trying was  not working for me.

Tablets given to me by doctors where making me worse as they were not dealing with the real issues . So I searched the local papers/Internet for a Holistic therapist. I came across a lady called  Rom that offered holistic therapies. I made an appointment to go and see her about a Reiki treatment . Rom suggested that I have a treatment to help balance and relax me. From the first hands-on treatment my life changed and I knew instantly that I was going to train to be a Reiki  Master­ Teacher and have this amazing healing ability in my life.

I soon did level one and booked all the following levels  in fairly quick succession. I removed things from my life as I knew I had to do this. I had no idea back then that this would take me on a career path so very different for the one I was working on.

Since then Reiki has played a major part in all aspects of my life. It is part of my energy and attracts like-minded people into my life. I’ve managed to develop friendship and mentors who have reiki in their lives, as if our souls reach out and find and draw them closer to us. I have also found that reiki healing and knowledge is passed to other friends, who otherwise would not have experienced this energy and ·joy.

Since becoming a Reiki Master I have gone on to do Labrys Ascension Therapy, I am now a Labrys Ascension Therapy Master, Holistic  Animal healer, and Aura- Soma Practitioner .

I also do life changing workshops, Meditation workshops too name a few.

I am so excited to be able to share my skills with you all to help you find your true Path in life.

Love and light