Animal Healing

At Faith’s Holistic Therapies we believe that healing is not important just for humans but for animals too. Working alongside animals our methods of healing can help aid an animal’s rehabilitation after an injury, work alongside an existing medical condition, help to discover the needs your animal is trying to communicate to you and discover more about their inner souls.

Animal Anatomy & Physiology

As part of becoming a Holistic animal healer I have also studied Animal Anatomy & Physiology. By studying this it has given me a stronger back ground in the following.

Mammals, birds, fish and reptiles .By looking at the ways in which body systems work, I am able to appreciate the differences and similarities between a wide range of species, including their musculoskeletal systems, tissues, cardiovascular systems, senses, nervous systems, respiration and reproduction. I have also studied the biological mechanisms of mammals and other species, I have learnt about the structure and function of the various body systems and how to identify the unique characteristics of specific species.

We work individually with each animal, using different types of therapies, all of which are suitable for humans, to find the one that works best with your animal.

Perhaps you have adopted an animal with some interesting or difficult tendencies. Working closely alongside the animal the healer is able to discover any traumatic events that may have occurred before you owned the animal. Through communication with the animal the healer is then able to express these traumatic events or any thoughts and problems your animal may currently be experiencing

Having trouble with getting them to socialise with other animals? When working on a dog recently who had fear aggression (as diagnosed by an experienced trainer), towards small dogs and cars, Faiths were able to discover the traumatic past experienced by this wonderful animal, which was later confirmed through the adoption agency. After finding this out, the owner has been able to work closely alongside that animal to gain its trust and to reassure it that past problems will not be experienced any longer. Their bond has continued to strengthen.

Stressed or unwell animals can also benefit from healing. , I aim to support and maximise an animal’s natural healing ability by advising and guiding the owner in appropriate complementary treatment. An animal’s medical condition should always be first diagnosed by a vet but it is possible to blend the best of both worlds by using the skills of the traditional veterinary surgeon and holistic healers together.  Imbalances and disharmonies are treated using frequencies from hands-on healing, Crystals Aura –Soma and the balance procedure.

I am also able to communicate intuitively with animals, to be sensitive to their energies and how to use a range of healing applications to suite the Animal.

Healing can be used on specific injuries, though not as a cure, it aids the healing process, bringing in guides and energies to help repair that pulled ligament or injured toe and also aids pain relief, for your piece of mind as well as the animals.

The experience of healing alone can be a very calming one for your animal when perhaps they just need an energy boost or some time off.

Holistic Therapies are suitable for all types of animals of all ages, from dogs to horses, puppies to mares and bred or adopted. At Faith’s we are willing and excited to work with all animals, problematized or not to help them and you towards a happier life and time spent together. I am also able to communicate intuitively with animals, to be sensitive to their energies and how to use a range of healing applications to suite the Animal.